here: say

Next week, I’ll be at the InsideOut Gallery in Traverse City, Michigan to tell stories about my life 15 years ago when I was in Paris full-time. I’ll be there for the storytelling series here: say. The theme of the show is “Passport.”

Here’s the summary of my upcoming presentation:

James Berg had no interest in France. He couldn’t speak the language. He had no legal status there. He didn’t even like the French, but he was in Paris working in an office underground, a cave stuffed with desks and computers and dozens of lost souls from all over the world, an undocumented migrant workforce in khakis. His goal, like that of his young colleagues, was to find a way to persuade the owner, a wealthy, temperamental entrepreneur who lied about everything, including his pedigree and even his name, to fulfill a simple promise and pay his salary.




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