I performed an original song, “Trouble,” last week at Paris Lit Up’s open mic at Culture Rapide in Belleville and a few days later at Spoken Word Paris’s event at Au Chat Noir in the 11th arrondissement.



These recordings were made with an iPhone in my pocket. The sound quality is surprisingly good, not at all sophisticated but clear enough to capture the music and to represent the vibe at these weekly events.


Paris Lit Up

Pleased to find an email yesterday morning from one of the editors of Paris Lit Up

“Thanks so much for sending this amazing work to us. We would love to put it in the next print issue of PLU magazine.”

Paris Lit Up is an annual print journal published by the Parisian expatriate community. Like The Bastille, a separate series in which I have two publications, Paris Lit Up is sold at weekly open mic events and at Shakespeare & Company bookshop near the Cathedral Notre Dame.

My contribution, titled “Girl in a Box,” is about a sensational experience I had several years ago with a student who asked for my help telling her life’s story.

I’m honored to be included in these collections and to have my work prominently displayed in the Beats section of the bookstore that nurtured writers like Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Here’s a recording at Culture Rapide in Paris from September. The first half is comedian Fred Eyangoh. My thing starts midway through.

There’s a story behind this. A woman had a large sack of leftover bread, which she’d brought from her new job at a boulangerie, and she was passing out the loaves, boules and baguettes to everyone at the bar. She said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if money were a perishable item?” The idea was that everyone would have to give away what they had at the end of each day. I thought it was a sweet and brilliant thought.