Upcoming Events

Back in Chicago. I’ll be playing music this fall at the Roots Room and elsewhere.

The most immediate confirmed activity is “poeming” at Retro on Roscoe on Saturday, August 13 from 3:30 – 7:00 with Poems While You Wait.

There’s talk of perhaps making it out to Philadelphia to tour this October with jazz poet Moe Seager and his band. That would be a cool experience. More on this if plans pan out.

Publication release parties are scheduled in Paris for The Bastille in which I’ll have a poem and Paris Lit Up Magazine in which I’ll have an essay. These are different books published by different groups. Each, coincidentally, is planned for a September release. Wish I could be around for all of that.

Beyond all of that, I’ll be working on the thesis in order to complete my MFA at Northwestern University. I’m always looking for work as a copywriter and editor, and I’ll be gathering all of the necessary documents in order to apply for teaching positions.

Also, I’m just about ready to apply for dual French/American citizenship. I’m waiting for one more document from Dourdan, France where I was married, and then I can send my wedding certificate along with the translated birth certificate, proof of passing the DELF language exam, FBI clearance, copies of bills and mortgage payments and all else to the French consulate in Washington D.C. At some point after, I’ll receive notice with an interview date at the consulate there in D.C. They don’t make it easy, but when the process is over, I’ll have opportunities to work anywhere in the European Union, ideally perhaps for a short-term teaching position of some sort.


———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

I’ll be with the family in France this summer. My in-laws live on the Atlantic coast in Brittany. I’m looking forward to jogging along the rocky beaches and long meals on the “terrace.”

I’m also looking forward to making a trip to Paris to visit friends in the expat community known as Spoken Word and PLU.

I’ve been writing nonfiction this year, and I’m hoping to get feedback on some essays at one of the workshops on the second floor study room at Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris. I’m also beginning a collection of short prose pieces about my experiences in Paris, such as my Passport presentation in Traverse City, Michigan. I plan on completing this collection and/or returning to work on my MFA thesis over the summer in Brittany.

I’ve been writing and performing as a musician too, and I look forward to playing a few songs at Au Chat Noir or Culture Rapide in Paris.

If I’m lucky enough to be in town during the release party for the latest edition of The Bastille, I’ll be happy to attend this as one of the book’s published poets. There’s also a release party in Chicago for PWYW’s Antholozine, and I’ll have work in this publication though, sadly, I’ll be out of town for this swanky event at Beauty Bar in Chicago.

Returning to Chicago mid-August after countless life-changing experiences and hopefully also with plenty of freshly-written pages under my belt.

UPDATE: Happy to add that I’ll have the featured slot at Open Secret in the Latin Quarter in Paris on August 3rd. More info soon!


———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

Spring has sprung!

I’ve been playing Michael Hollywood‘s Friday night hootenanny regularly and will continue till June, and I’m typing for PWYW at three events this season:

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art on April 9
  • The Harold Washington library on April 30
  • The Chicago Cultural Center on May 15

Hoping also to arrange with Tommy Love an evening with friends for music, poetry, comedy and whatever else this May at the Roots Room. (UPDATE: Tommy has a date available, and on June 11th I’ll be playing a handful of originals and covers from 7pm-9pm under the band name Central Steel & Wire)

On June 29, I bid adieu to Chicago and bonjour à Paris.


———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

It’s winter. Beard season. I’m home in Chicago. Occasionally, I’ll be reading at the Green Mill poetry slam on Sunday nights in Uptown and playing music at Michael Hollywood‘s monthly Friday night Hootenanny at the Roots Room.

Also, I’ll be typing customized love poems for $5 each on Valentine’s Day at DOSE Market.

And then I’ll welcome the spring at Here: Say in Traverse City, Michigan on March 21st. The theme of the show is “Passport,” and I’ll share stories about Europe, especially Paris, and my little French/American family.

Hope to see lots of bearded guys and dolls out and about.


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