In Muddy Water

I noticed a contest announcement through Rose Metal Press and used this as motivation to complete a collection of 1000-word flash fiction stories which I submitted on December 1st.

The manuscript is titled In Muddy Water. I had the title first and then chose pieces that seemed to fit thematically, looking through stuff from the past few years but especially from work I’ve done during the last couple months.

The chapbook hopefully strikes the right balance between humor and darkness. It has a smattering of sex and drugs. Space travel. A detective story. A fable. Some family stories.

Last sping, I blurbed a colleague’s book (In Lieu of Flowers by Rachel Slotnik) with this title, In Muddy Water, associated with my name. It left me with a challenge. I had a different book with the title in mind, but I discovered that it will take much longer for that to be ready. So I really wanted to complete SOMETHING called In Muddy Water, and I’m pleased to have realized this goal. Now I have a collection that I can add to, take from, revise, tweak, etc. – assuming it isn’t selected for the contest as is.

Here’s a screenshot of my blurb from the back cover of In Lieu of Flowers

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 9.19.16 AM.png


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